We arrived in Las Vegas so full of excitement and hope but the problem was, we had no clue what to do and NOT to do in Las Vegas. To make sure YOU don’t make the same mistakes we did; here are our 12 things not to do in Vegas.

1. Distance

I remember sitting down in front of my laptop, using google maps to plan my itinerary. “Oh, we will go here, then here, then walk up to this, then walk across to this and then pop over to this.”

Yeah, the hotels are massive so walking from one hotel to another can be a task; especially in the height of Summer. Be prepared for the distance – wear comfortable shoes and allow more time.

2. “Save money” by staying off the strip

As a general rule, I tend to stay in hotels slightly outside of the centre of cities in order to save money. DO NOT DO THIS IN VEGAS. You can find reasonable priced hotels on the strip that allows you to explore the hotels and casinos at your leisure without having to rely on buses and taxis.

Looking for a cheap hotel in Vegas? We wrote a whole blog about how expensive Vegas is!

3. Show you’re a newbie

A strange one that we learnt very quickly in Las Vegas. Taxi drivers will often as you if you have been to Las Vegas before – SAY YES! Vegas taxi drivers have a reputation for driving the long way around to boost fares. They are a lot less likely to do this if they think you know your way around.

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4. Pay face value for show tickets

Like every major city with shows, Las Vegas has two prices; face value and market price. Get discounted tickets online before arriving in Vegas or browse available tickets at a nearby Tix4Tonight store on the strip.

5. Presume everything is expensive

We have visited many places in America and we surprisingly found Las Vegas to be cheaper than so many of the other big cities. There are some great ways you can save money in Las Vegas; order the free drinks whilst you gamble, eat at chains or restaurants not in hotels and stock up on snacks and drinks in the Walgreen supermarkets dotted along the strip.

6. Plan to see the Canyons in one day

There are a lot of Canyons but even just trying to see the whole of the Grand Canyon in one day is slightly impossible! If you want to really explore the National Parks then set aside a week to do so. It may even be worth spending a week on the strip then moving to a hotel further afield to visit the parks.

7. Gambling too much

Gambling is of course the reason so many people visit Vegas – but be sensible. Give yourself a limit and stick to it; no-one wants to ruin their holiday by going into debt!

Things not to do in vegas

8. Not renting a car

This was the BIGGEST mistake we made! Now, to be fair, I had only just passed my driving test a few weeks before our American travels so I was a little too nerves to start driving abroad. BUT I WISH I HAD!

There is so many things to see and do beyond the Las Vegas that renting a car makes sense; you save money and time by driving to the National Parks and ‘off-the-strip’ attractions yourself, plus you can plan your time so you arrive before the tour buses.

9. Avoiding the buffets

I remember once being told that all buffet food was bad. I am sure many can agree this can be the case in some places – but NOT VEGAS. The buffets are amazing and offer such a great selection for all eaters. I even wrote a whole blog post >> 9 best buffets of Las Vegas << because they are so freaking awesome!

10. Missing free entertainment

Las Vegas is one of favourite cities in the world; not just because it is pretty and fun and warm and sparkly (but these help!) but also because it is a lot cheaper than I intentionally thought it would be. There are so many free attractions in Las Vegas – you just have to walk down the strip and into a nearby hotel to find something pretty to explore.

11. Underestimating the airport

There we were, second destination of our 2 months in America. We arrive at the airport and are met with thousands of people. So the McCarran International Airport is one of the busiest airports in America and there will be queues. Arrive with plenty of time – always 3 hours with those International flights!

12. Try hailing a taxi on the strip

It is illegal for taxis to stop on the strip so don’t try flagging one down. Head to a taxi stand or ask your hotel to call one in for you.

So here are 12 things NOT to do in Las Vegas! Have an amazing time!  

Tell us about your trip in the comments below!

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things not to do in vegas
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  • Tracy

    Great tips Katie! Las Vegas still on our to visit list so it’s great to know what not to do when we are there! I can’t wait to try the buffets!!!

  • Lauren

    I so so wished I’d read this before I went! The tip about taxi drivers and not admitting it’s your first time is such a good one! I stayed at Hotel New York and loved it but we didn’t have time for the Grand Canyon as we thought it would only take an afternoon – such helpful guide I’ll definitely share with friends who go shortly!

    • Gill

      We use Uber taxis, half the price and much better, friendlier service!

  • Sarah Shumate

    These are great tips! We haven’t been to Vegas yet, and I can’t say it’s at the top of my list, but when we do I’ll definitely keep these things in mind. Like you, we often stay outside of the major areas to save a little cash, so I’m glad you mentioned to skip that in Vegas!

    • Michelle

      I live in Vegas and I never use Uber, Nevada requires you to only carry a minimum liability of 15k, so,if the Uber driver m’aimes you your not gonna get any insurance money to cover your expenses

  • Zoe

    Great list! Although driving in Las Vegas I found very stressful and we actually used a few taxis during our stay. But totally agree that it is definitely easy to visit more out of reach places.

  • Louise

    Love it! These are some great tips, especially for first-timers.

  • Raghav

    Those are some myths about Vegas being broken right there. I know from my sister that you can find great hotels on the strip for a good price and a great tip on not letting the taxi drivers know that you are first-timers. Also about the buffets being good, because whenever possible I avoid them, so this is good to know.

  • Michelle

    Great tips! I’ll definitely be referring to these when I eventually get to Vegas 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing them!

  • Kim Purser

    I’ve been over 20 times, I always hire a car and never eat in the buffet as it’s more costly than the amount of food you can eat. I book show tickets through tix4 tonight.
    Best place for breakfast on your first morning is the Peppermill diner

    • Katie

      Some great advise, thanks so much for sharing 🙂 We will definitely check out Peppermill Diner next time!

  • Ujwal Pandit

    I have been to Vegas and avoiding buffets are not an option because they serve one of the best buffets. The buffet at Wynn was just mind blowing. The people who ignore buffet might be crazy.

  • Meghan

    Thanks so much! I had no idea about the taxis! Will definitely watch out for that!

  • Simon

    Don’t use conventional taxi’s use uber about 50% cheaper

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