After a week in Bangkok, we decided to head down to Pattaya and browsed what was the quickest way from Bangkok to Pattaya. Here are your options!

P.S. Read these guides for Bangkok to Chaing Mai or Bangkok to Cambodia to help you plan your trip!


The cheapest way to travel from Bangkok to Pattaya is by bus. These trips take two and a half hours and you can catch a bus from a few different terminals.

Most buses depart from the Eastern Bus terminal every 30 minutes starting at 5.20am and ending at 11.20pm. These air conditioned buses cost 117 Baht per person.  For a similar price, you can get a bus from Northern Bus Terminal and Southern Bus Terminal (the easiest option from Khao San Road).

Always opt for air conditioning, most are these days but just double check!


A mini-van is an easier option for many, offering door-to-door pick up and drop off. This usually costs around 400 Baht and tickets can be purchased from most Thailand tourist booths, your hotel or vendors on Khao San Road. You have slightly more room in mini-vans and generally these tend to go a little faster than the buses.

Note: Make sure you don’t over pay for mini-van seats. 


Taxi is a good option for those wanting a comfortable journey but expect to pay quite a bit more. The journey can take under 2 hours in good traffic and the again, this is a door-to-door option. The general price is 1500 baht plus expressway fees.

Ask your hotel or hostel to book a taxi in advance.

Uber – Now GRAB

A friend living in Bangkok advised us to order an Uber to Pattaya. So we did! (You can see a video of our journey above).

The über cost us 1,625 baht and took 1 hour and 40 minutes. The car was comfortable and spacious with a very good air-con system. We personally much preferred this option because it was just an extra bit of comfortable and it didn’t cost much more than a taxi.

We caught a taxi on the way back and would have preferred the Uber. On our first trip to Bangkok a few years ago, we took a mini-van which was great for us in our early 20’s on a very tight budget.

We personally thing an Uber is the quickest and most convenient and comfortable choice to travel from Bangkok to Pattaya.

Helpful Resources:

Like I mentioned, we preferred catching an Uber because of the ease and speed but you have many different options.

Which route is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

Visiting Bangkok? Check out out mini-guide and our Thailand vlogs over at CTG TV. 

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Bangkok to Pattaya
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Bangkok to Pattaya
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