Our favourite hotel on the Las Vegas Strip – The Cosmopolitan

A piece of heaven on the Las Vegas Strip.

The Cosmopolitan is understated yet spectacular, glitzy but not tacky. We love it so much we are planning our wedding at this beautiful hotel.

So here is what we love about this hotel:


Found in the centre of the strip, The Cosmopolitan stands next to some of the best hotels found in Las Vegas whilst just a short walk away from several fast food spots, restaurants and bars as well as a convenient Walgreens.


We enjoyed the spectacular Terrace One Bedroom suite with a terrace which overlooked the Bellagio Fountains and Paris hotel. The rooms are luxurious and well designed with spacious closets, comfy living room areas with a large business desk and ideal kitchenettes. The beds are massive and very comfortable whilst my favourite feature has to be the Japanese soaking tub with a great view of the strip. Prices are expensive but the value of what you get for your money is excellent. Our suite with a strip view cost us around $1200 whilst rooms with a less impressive view at the other high end hotels on the strip would cost nearly double, if not more.


Similar to many of the top hotels on the strip, The Cosmopolitan has a variety of restaurants onsite. After trying a lot of the buffets in Vegas, we have to say that the Wicked Spoon in The Cosmopolitan was our favourite. It offered high quality food in manageable portions from around the world whilst upholding the classic and classy ambience of the hotel. The Cosmopolitan is also is home to the ‘Hidden Pizza’, a pizza spot hidden in between two restaurants on the third floor, that offers hot yummy New York styled pizza by the slice or pie – ideal after or during a late night gambling. Other restaurants include the Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar and Grill run by master chefs Eric and Bruce Bromberg as well as China Poblano (a fusion of Chinese and Mexican food) along with 13 other high quality restaurants at various prices to meet every customer.


So we aren’t big gamblers, we don’t really know how most table games work but at The Cosmopolitan we enjoyed trying the many electronic operated table type games such as roulette. The Casino is big enough to give you options and opportunities to play your favourite games but not too big that you can get lost. The waitresses serving free drinks to those gambling were lovely, quick and efficient.


The Cosmopolitan sparkles. But not in that tacky, old glamour Vegas meets Hollywood kind of way, but in an undisputed elegance that attracts your eye to every corner of the room. The three floored Chandelier is breathtaking and is the ideal decor for such a beautiful hotel, whilst the floor sparkles throughout the hotel.

Selfie on the balcony

We booked this hotel via Agoda, because they offered the best rates and is a well established company.

Book this hostel with Agoda

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  • Diana - MVMT Blog

    The Cosmopolitan sounds amazing, especially with all the dining options there! I’m not a gambler myself but have some friends thinking about having their bachelorette parties in Vegas in the next year or so, so I will have to suggest staying at the Cosmopolitan if they don’t have an accommodation planned out already!

  • melbtravel

    I have not been to Vegas for years and I have always wanted to go back. This place sounds great and I would definitely check it out when we think of returning one day, as I am not sure it was there when we went 12years ago. I like the fact you have pointed out that it sparkles with undisputed elegance, I love pretty things that are smart and sexy. Btw good luck with the wedding plans

  • Kristine

    The view from your balcony is gorgeous! I love Vegas. Went there two years ago to celebrate a friends’ birthday. I hadn’t heard of the Cosmopolitan before. Might have to check it out on my next trip to vegas 😉

  • Naomi

    Owh how nice that you’re planning your wedding there! It looks like an excellent spot to get hitched and party the night away.

  • Lydia@LifeUntraveled

    What a view and 13 restaurants!? That’s a whole lot of choice in just one hotel! The Cosmopolitan must be huge – but, then again, what isn’t in Vegas!? 😉

  • Reply

    Wow what an amazing view of the strip. I can see why you paid the extra for this.
    It looks like a beautiful hotel. Thank you for sharing this with me .

  • Nuria

    These views are gorgeous, and the incredible choices of restaurants though! 😀 Would take into account this hotel for my next trip to las Vegas!

  • Alouise

    I’ve been to Las Vegas a couple of times, but have never been to The Cosmopolitan. The hotel sounds pretty amazing, and that view is fantastic. It could be on a postcard.

    • Katie

      Hi Alouise,
      I know it is stunning! Totally worth the upgrade 🙂

  • Jimmy and Tina

    The room sounds great and can see why it’s your favorite, with having a nice terrace with a view and being centrally located it sounds perfect!

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