Tucked away down a dark corridor on the second floor of The Cosmopolitan, is Hidden Pizza – OK, not so hidden now I have shared its location across the internet. Hidden Pizza serves literally the best pizza I have ever eaten!

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The Cosmopolitan don’t advertise or include this place on their map and you really wouldn’t head up the dark corridor unless you were having a search. That is probably a good thing as this place is still packed and massively popular, during our visit we found ourselves standing in a queue for a good 30 minutes!

But the Pizza is so worth it!! You can order by the slice or by the pie (both are massive) and the pizza is actually heavenly! They pizza’s are thin with lots of cheese and this place is open until 5am – perfect for a late night venture after a night out.

Just amazing.

We loved this pizza place! As we were staying at The Cosmopolitan, they even delivered us pizza late one night!

Where is your favourite place to eat in Las Vegas? Let us know in the comments below.

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Hidden pizza
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  • ada

    This pizza looks amazing! I wish I knew about it before I went to Las Vegas ! I love places like that, being hidden, as you know its amazing and you still will find to sit down and enjoy it! Thanks for sharing! I will keep the info for future I am sure ill be back in Vegas at some point!

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