The most expensive cocktail, the most expensive pizza, the most expensive hotel suite, the tallest building etc etc etc….Dubai loves being the best at everything and anything. Known for it’s almost futuristic architecture, luxury lifestyle and miles upon miles of shopping malls, Dubai quickly became a popular destination for tourists around the world.

Head to the tallest building in the world or check out the incredible Aquarium at the Dubai Mall. Try dune bashing across the Arabian desert, sample some of the vast variety of food the state has to offer or enjoy the plenty of Dubai activities for kids!

Typical Costs

Budget rates – Apartment rentals slightly out of the city centre can cost around 100AED whilst dorms in hostels can cost between 70 – 130 AED.

Midrange hotel rates – Private rooms in hostels cost around 200 – 350 AED whilst hotels in downtown will set you back between 400 – 500 AED.

Luxury hotel rates – Luxury hotel rates in Dubai have no limit, a suite in the Burj Al Arab starts at 5525 AED whilst luxury hotels downtown cost around 700 – 1000 AED a night.

Transport – 1 AED for 10 trips on the Metro or 2 AED using a prepaid NOI card on the buses. Taxis cost around 50 AED for a 20-30 minute journey (or from downtown to Jumeriah.

Average cost of food – Similar to hotel prices, food prices can massively vary. Chain and fast food restaurants cost between 30 – 50 AED per person, local delicacies and eateries can cost as little as  10 AED whilst luxurious restaurants (especially those in hotels) can be anything from 300 + AED.

Where to stay

Budget – At the Top Hostel offers a great location with great views and dorms cost 110 AED a night or 270 AED for private rooms. Backpacker Tina offers 2 bed dorms for 178 AED and the Lavender Hotel costs 185 AED.

Midrange – With a rooftop pool offering gorgeous views of the Burj Khalifa, Rove Downtown is a great option for those wanting to be in the centre of things but not break the bank; rooms start at 370 AED. The Dust D2 Kenz Hotel offer rooms from 320 AED a night and is located in the Jumeriah area.

Luxury – We really enjoyed our stay at the Shangri-la Hotel in the downtown area – our Burj Khalifa view was stunning. Rooms with a Burj view start at 900 AED a night. If you are looking to splurge, why not check out the Resort One&Only The Palm Dubai with rooms starting at 3825 AED a night.

How to get there

Fly – Emirates airline is the main route people take to fly in and out of Dubai. They have an extensive network of routes around the world, making Dubai a great option for a stopover.

You can get a bus, taxi or even boat from neighbouring emirates and it can often work out cheaper to fly to nearby airports such as Sharjah then catch a taxi over to Dubai.

Getting around

Taxi’s are everywhere and roads are vast, so you rarely get stuck in traffic. The Metro is a great choice to get across the city whilst buses can help get you to places further afield. Private cars are easy to arrange via your hotel or online; particularly helpful when planning trips to the desert or to a neighbouring emirate. There are also many boat options that can help you explore the harbour and city via the waterways; we particularly enjoyed the Yellow Boat Tour Company.

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