When we planned our first trip to Las Vegas, we had no idea where to stay! We wanted a suite with a view but couldn’t afford to spend too much. I spent some time reading different blogs and different opinions about which hotel offered the best value for your money. So we decided to write about the best hotels of Las Vegas.

We aren’t going to put the hotels in a list of best to worst, instead I have listed the different hotels and given you prices for their standard rooms and suites with a view as well as their location, pros and cons.

In any list, this will always be my favourite Las Vegas hotel. The Cosmopolitan is an elegant and luxurious hotel which is both romantic and beautiful. It includes a host of great restaurants, a stunning chandelier bar and an expansive casino that is quiet enough to take your time and relax in whilst busier enough to have a good laugh.

Standard but beautiful twin rooms start at £217 whilst 1 bedroom suite with Fountain View (Read here for our experience and pics) cost £280 a night. The hotel overlooks the Bellagio and is surrounded the big name hotels, great bars and is opposite a Walgreens!

Creative Travel Rating: 10/10 (our fave!)

The world renowned Caesar’s Palace is a icon of Las Vegas, making it’s way into films and TV programmes. The hotel includes an expansive shopping area, high-end spa, 7 swimming pools and a host of celebrity chef restaurants.

Rooms here start at £237 whilst moderate size strip view room costs £285 upwards. The Palace is in the centre of the strip, surrounded with note-worthy hotels, making it the ideal hotel to stay in.

Creative Travel Rating: 9/10 (Perfect location but a tad too pricey for us).

I always remember The Mirage as “the one with the volcano”. The Mirage is home to our fave show Cirque De Soleil’s LOVE along with a handful of restaurants and some great nightclubs.

Standard rooms are not very standard, instead they are luxurious and spacious rooms and start at a reasonable £130 a night whilst amazing, VIP Penthouse suites start at £450 a night.

Creative Travel Rating: 9/10 (Reasonable prices in a good location).

One of the most luxurious and extravagantly themed hotels on the strip, The Venetian features its own Grand Canal shopping area with Gondolas available along with 19 restaurants, spa and an adult-only beach pool and nightclub.

All rooms at the Venetian are suites, costing around £180 a night whilst a Luxury view suite costs £210+. Although these rooms are pricey than others on the strip, the rooms are incredibly spacious and include a seating area and beautifully elegant bathrooms.

The location of this hotel is great, it is in the centre of the strip but can be quite a walk to the hotels in the south of the strip. However, the DEUCE bus has a stop outside the Venetian to connect you with the rest of the hotels on the strip.

Creative Travel Rating: 8/10 (Beautiful hotel in a fairly good location).

The Stratosphere tower is known for it’s views of the desert and thrill rides found on the top tiers. This hotel is incredibly popular with budget travellers because of the price. The hotel includes a selection of restaurants as well as a spa, fitness center and outdoor pool.

A standard room here will cost you around £23 whilst strip view room costs just £31 and a suite costs £125.

However, the location of this hotel isn’t great, it is far north of the strip meaning that you would have to get transportation to get to other popular strip hotels like those mentioned in this blog. The DEUCE bus line does have a stop nearby which can take you down to the centre of the strip (near Bellagio) in around 25 minutes.

Great value for money if you don’t mind getting buses or cabs.

Creative Travel Rating: 6/10 (Great prices that make up for the location).

Known for it’s pirate boat sinkage show that now no longer happens, Treasure Island Hotel is a good choice for families. The hotel includes many restaurants, of course a casino, a games room and fitness centre as well as a spa and health club.

Rooms start at around £140 a night with strip view suits costing from £230 onwards. This hotel has mixed reviews with some complaining that it is in need of an update and personally, I feel the hotel is a bit too expensive compared to others in a better location with better amenities. The hotel is at the top of the strip and can be tricky to walk to from other popular hotels on the strip.

Creative Travel Rating: 4/10 (A good choice if other hotels are fully booked)

The Wynn is a luxurious hotel with spacious and gorgeous rooms available. It includes an expansive casino, oasis-style pools and a small shopping area of excluding brand names. There is a spa, gym, exercise classes, 10 restaurants to choose from and an 18-hole professional golf course.

Rooms start from £380 a night with panoramic view suites costing £416 a night and Parlor Suite starting at around £550. The Wynn can be found at the northern point of the strip, next to The Venetian and opposite Treasure Island. It isn’t central to the strip but the SDX bus can take you down to the southern areas of the strip.

Creative Travel Rating: 6/10 (Really nice rooms and a luxury hotel but prices are far too high for us).

An oldie on the strip, Harrah’s is an understated hotel and a bit of a classic on the Las Vegas Strip. The hotel includes the usual casino, restaurants and bars.

Standard rooms starting at just £50, strip view rooms costing £65 and suites costing £270+. Opposite Caesar’s Palace, Harrah’s is pretty central to the action of the strip and stands next to the LINQ wheel.

Creative Travel Rating: 9/10 (A simple but reasonably priced hotel in a good location).

Mandalay Bay resort is known for being one of the best hotels on the strip and has created a little village for itself with an onsite beach, shark reef Aquarium, casino, lazy river, several high end restaurants as well as a food court, a selection of night clubs and a theatre showing the Michael Jackson ONE show by Cirque Du Soleil.

Standard rooms cost £180 a night whilst Suites start at £200.

The location of the hotel is the only downside to this hotel, with it being found at the very south tip of the strip and is a good 35/40 minute walk to Caesars Palace in the centre of the strip, although they do offer a monorail that takes you up to Excalibur and the DEUCE bus from the hotel to Caesars takes around 25 minutes.

Creative Travel Rating: 7/10 (A beautiful hotel but quite out the way from the centre of the strip).

The city of love, Paris is of course the theme for this hotel, with french decor throughout the hotel and an Eiffel Tower protruding through the hotel.

Rooms start at £142 a night with Eiffel Tower view rooms costing £160+. Suites cost around £380 a night although reviews suggest this hotel is a little old fashioned and needs an upgrade.

The hotel is in the centre of the strip, opposite Bellagio and a great location if you want to explore those popular theme hotels.

Creative Travel Rating: 8/10 (A great location with fantastic theme at a reasonable price).

The Travelodge of the strip often gets overlooked because it isn’t a big name hotel with fancy suites and celebrity restaurants. However, if you are looking to stay in the heart of the strip but want to avoid the price tag then a moderate size room at the Travelodge starts at around £60 a night whilst the Deluxe King Suite will set you back £120+ a night.

The rooms are dated but the hotel is clean and offers a nice pool area. The hotel is near the New York, New York Hotel and MGM and is just under a ten minute walk from Bellagio.

Creative Travel Rating: 8/10 (A great location, perfect for those on a budget).

This is a modern hotel with 9 on-site restaurants and a shopping mall on its door step (The Miracle Mile of Shops) with over 170 stores and restaurants as well as 3 live theatres. Food from all over the world is served in the many restaurants here and the rooms are sleek and luxurious.

A standard room starts at £130 a night whilst a room with a strip view costs £150+.

This hotel is opposite The Cosmopolitan and just a stones throw away from the Bellagio.

Creative Travel Rating: 10/10 (A great location with nice rooms at reasonable prices).

Perfect for families, the New York, New York hotel imitates the Big Apple with its Statue of Liberty replica and taxi car rollercoaster ride.

Standard rooms start at £114 whilst the Marquis Suite starts around $230.

The NY,NY hotel is a little further south and is about a 15 minute walk to the Bellagio, meaning cabs and the DEUCE bus is your best way to see the hotels of the strip.

Creative Travel Rating: 7/10 (A great location with nice rooms at reasonable prices).

Known for its unusual pyramid shape, the Luxor has the usual amenities along with a betting arena and the LAX nightclub.

Standard rooms start at £120 whilst luxury suites start at £170.

The hotel is further south the New York, New York but is connected by the monorail to give you quick access to Excalibur and Mandalay Bay. The hotel is about a 20 minute walk to Bellagio in the centre of the strip.

Creative Travel Rating: 6/10 (Great for those on a budget who want to stay in a ‘big name’ hotel).

The fairytale castle in the middle of the strip certainly does get its fair share of attention and is an ideal place for families with young children but also does include a large casino and adult-only pool to escape to.

It is also a great value hotel with standard rooms starting at £70 a night with the Royal Luxury Suite starting at $220.

This hotel is just under 20 minutes away from Bellagio and has a direct footpath to the New York, New York hotel as well as a monorail between itself, Luxor and Mandalay Bay.

Creative Travel Rating: 9/10 (The prices of this themed ‘big name’ hotel are unbeatable, making it a great pick for those on a budget).

With a variety of pools, restaurants and an awesome Margaritaville attached, the Flamingo is a great value hotel in the heart of the strip.

Standard rooms start at £70 with strip view rooms costing £85+ whilst a range of different styled suites start at $140.

The Flamingo is opposite Caesar’s Palace and is great choice for those on a budget who still want a bit of luxury in a great location.

Creative Travel Rating: 10/10 (Fantastic value for money in a great location).

Known for its boxing fights and popular nightclub (Hakkasan), MGM Grand is on a bucket list or three.

Standard rooms start at £120 with suites costing around £210 onwards but very few decent ‘strip view’ rooms.

Again, this hotel is south of the centre of the strip but gives easy and quick access to Excalibur and New York, New York. There are also some popular stores such as the Coca Cola World and M&M store located nearby.

Creative Travel Rating: 8/10 (Slightly dated but good value for money in a decent location).

So that is a round up of the best hotels in Vegas! What is your top pick?! Share your thoughts in the comments below! Don’t forget to read about the best buffets of Las Vegas too or read about the things to do in Las Vegas that don’t involve gambling!

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  • Lizzie

    Great post guys! We are off to Vegas in October and good to see our hotel on the list

  • C-Ludik

    I’ve been several times to Las Vegas and the resort you loved five or six years ago may be nothing like you remember – I would recommend to always consult user review sites, which receive fresh content almost daily. I have the feeling that the best hotel in Las Vegas is often the newest one. Las Vegas hotels do not necessarily age well. There is always a push to be the best and the most exciting :-). Thanks for sharing your 2017 hotels ranking !

  • Melissa Giroux

    I love Vegas! It’s like discovering a new world every time you enter a new building! 😀

    • Katie

      I totally know what you mean!!!

  • Magda

    We stayed in Bellagio and to be honest we were a bit disappointed… To many tourists wandering in the lobby, nothing like an exceptional experience 🙁 Next time we will try Ceasar!

    • Katie

      Yeah Bellagio have an incredible fountain but a friend who stayed there said it was so hard to ever get in or out because of the tourists watching the fountain. That is why we decided not to include it on our list! Yeah Ceasar looks fantastic, good choice to try next time!!

  • Milou

    Loved Vegas. I have stayed in Circus Circus & New York, New York. Seems I have a penchant for choosing hotels with double names, lol. The second one was better, but the first one is unbeatable in terms of rate!

  • Jamie

    Last year we got a special deal to stay at the Wynn so we did for two days and it was AWESOME! It also included an all you can eat meal for two people and the food was absolutely top notch! There was so much to choose from! And the room was just so super fancy… I felt like a celebrity! Ha!

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